Fall 2016 
New York

About The Clinics 

My clinics are what you want and will be what your program needs. At least that is the goal and we will work together to make it happen. Every clinic is specifcically designed for the players, coaches and program in attendance.
I address the Physical and the Mental side of the game.  The How and the Why.  I teach skills but also always emphasize Fun and Love of the Game.
If you want drills to improve your players skill level and make practice more exciting, productive and fun, I have lots of outstanding drills that have been tested and proven effective on practice fields across the country.  I am happy to share them with you, run your kids through them and teach your coaches how to use them in ther practice plans throughout the season.
If you want to develop individual skills or work on a specific segment of the game, just tell me what it is.  I will come prepared to train your kids and show your coaches how they can continue developing the skills and lacrosse IQ after I am gone.
We can be as specific or as general as your program needs.  
Basic catching and throwing to moving the ball out of the pressure of a double team.  Dodging skills and techniques for players of many different playing styles and athletic abilities.  Offense, Defense, special teams, riding, clearing tell me what your program needs help with and I will come work with your players, coaches or both to help them take the next steps in their game.
My goal is to use what I know from over 35 years of experience to improve your players skill and IQ, help them enjoy the game more and leave your coaches better equipped to keep the ball rolling after I leave. 

What they are saying about Silcott

"Coach Silcott has elevated my game immensely in a very short period of time. He has the rare ability to teach and demonstrate the little details that can make good players great, something no coach I have played for has been able to do. Specifically, he breaks down the How and Why of various dodging and shooting techniques for players to gain a full understanding of wasting no motions, and doing everything on the field with intention."
     -Jules Heningburg:  1st Team All Big Ten Attackman, Rutgers University
"I had the opportunity to work with with coach Silcott in Jacksonville. We worked on small parts of my game that are sometimes overlooked. Within a week I'd learned a few a months worth of lacrosse, it was an amazing experience. He cares a lot about the game, and will try to make you the best player you can be but more importantly, he cares more about the individual and developing you into a well-rounded young man."
     -Chad Tolliver:  Midfielder, Rutgers University

Brian Silcott is the ideal coach for any local, regional or national lacrosse programme. He has a wealth of accumulated knowledge from playing and coaching at all levels, and with all ages. He manages to install the fundamentals, up to the highest technical levels of development, with a tremendous degree of professionalism, and with great patience and charisma ensuring challenging, enjoyable and satisfying experiences. His approach is based on unity, but he also takes the time to identify and advise on individuals requirements. His depth and width of experience and ability places him at the forefront of coaching in Europe.


--Mark Hodkin, UMBC (’86),  1986 All World Team, 5X National Team Member

Brian Silcott is one of the most knowledgeable and innovative minds in lacrosse. He has a natural ability to teach and develop players. His style of lacrosse is focused on getting players lots of touches and playing the game fast. Brian is a leader on and off the field. I could not ask for a better coach to be around a program. He honors the game and focuses on keeping it fun and fast paced during practices, while still demanding hard work and excellence. Brian is one of the game's all-time best and strongly recommend getting him in front of your players, as a leader of character and as a lacrosse coach.
                  -Justin Bokmeyer:  Captain US Army, Former Captain Army West Point Lacrosse, Owner Invictus Lacrosse.