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Individual Training

My goal is to make you a better player.  Every lacrosse player is different and finding your game is one of the keys to success.  In my individual and/or group training sessions we work on skills that fit with the athletic type of the player(s) in the session.  We break down individual skills addressing footwork, hands, body position, mental approach, and many other facets that ultimately lead to great skills and high lacrosse IQ.  We work to ensure that players understand both the How and the Why of what they are being taught.


I use video and specifically slow motion video to show details in movement and allow for on the field adjustments so players can take the next steps in their game.


I treat each player as an individual, working on skills and movements that I believe will transition smoothly into their game.


Beyond that, I work to improve player confidence and position them to apply their skills in an effective manner on the field.  From the raw fundamentals to advanced skills, I believe that a confident approach to what you do on the field is a key to success.

Individual Sessions Cost 


$200 per 75 minute session ($700 for 4)

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